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There's a Full Moon out tonight & some campers have had some Werewolf sightings. If you come face to face with this beast…don't be scared! He's sour & salty with a nice playful bite.

Our latest seasoning is Full Lemoon! This lemon pepper seasoning is packed with incredible lemon flavor which is perfectly tart. With the addition of freshly ground peppercorns, this Lemon pepper seasoning is sure to make your mouth water.

The twist...serrano peppers to bring some heat and unique flavor. Our spicy lemon pepper seasoning will go great on any dish that you'd want to add some heat and
lemon pepper flavor to.

Great on fish, chicken, eggs, potatoes and veggies.

This is Camp Scoville's mildest seasoning.

Why Camp Scoville

We don't use any ingredients as filler. Every ingredient was chosen to achieve the ultimate flavor and heat. We care a lot about what goes into each jar, and that is why the first ingredients will always be fresh peppers.